GBM no match for me, says Sampa

Mile Sampa's campaign team spokesperson Kelvin Mutale Sampa
Mile Sampa's campaign team spokesperson Kelvin Mutale Sampa

GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) is no competition for me and I will teach him a lesson so that he can start respecting other Zambians, says Patriotic Front Kasama Central parliamentary aspirant Kelvin Sampa.

In an interview, Mr. Sampa said Mr. Mwamba must learn to respect the electorate in Kasama for making him MP on the PF ticket and not to disparage a party that made him a politician.
He said Kasama and Northern Province at large was keenly waiting for Mr. Mwamba to show him and his newly found friend in the opposition that the PF was the only relevant political organisation in the governance of the country.
Mr. Sampa claimed that Mr. Mwamba’s ‘‘violent way of doing things’’ went to show that he has no respect and regard for the people of Kasama and Northern Province in general.
He said it was slavery to treat people as personal to holder property.
Mr Sampa said Mr. Mwamba should not take the electorate for granted but instead must respect them for making him a Member of Parliament on the PF ticket.
“Mr. Mwamba must realise that he only became a member of Parliament on the PF ticket. He must also realise that when he contested in Kabwata constituency on the MMD ticket he lost that seat to Given Lubinda. GBM only became an MP on the PF ticket,” he said.
Mr. Sampa said Mr. Mwamba owed the people of Kasama an apology for betraying their trust when they offered him an opportunity to represent them till 2016.
He said Mr Mwamba’s current political conduct only demonstrated that he did not respect the people who elected him.
“Right now we are telling the people of Kasama that there is only one candidate who loves this country and that is His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We have to retain him in order to continue enjoying the development, peace and one vision the people of Zambia share of unity,” Mr. Sampa said.
He said the people of Kasama were ready to go a mile further to ensure that Mr. Mwamba and his friends were taught a lesson.
“We want to teach people who have no respect for human kind lessons ahead of next year’s general elections. He was in Kasama and the people were shocked to hear the way he was disparaging the PF, a party that took him to Parliament,” Mr. Sampa said.