LCC cashier sued for adultery

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A CARPENTER of Kanyama compound has sued a Lusaka City Council cashier Joseph Mpande,32, for adultery.

Peter Mutale, 30, has sued Mpande, of Makeni Villa for allegedly committing adultery with his wife, Theresa Mutale, 25.
Mutale told Senior Court Magistrate Daniel Phiri sitting with Magistrates Sarah Nyendwa and Ackim Phiri at Kanyama Local Court that on November 9, he suspected Theresa of having a boyfriend but she pleaded innocence.
He explained that on November 14, Theresa wanted to go to the village and he gave her K500 for transport but she refused the money.
Mutale further stated that on November 20, Mpande phoned Theresa and asked her when she would leave him (Mutale).
“Theresa openly told me that she was talking to her boyfriend. Later Mpande got my number from Theresa and he called me and apologized,” said Mutale.
Mutale said that on November 22, the parties proposed to meet at Down Town where Mpande said he would come with his uncle to try and resolve the matter.
But Mpande came alone and explained to him that each time he slept with his wife her private part got swollen.
Mutale said Mpande revealed that he wanted to leave his wife and marry Theresa.
Mutale further said that he beat Theresa and she went to spend a night at Mpande’s house.
“When Theresa came back I locked her in the house because she left a child who is breastfeeding,” said Mutale.
Mpande admitted giving Theresa K300 when she came to his workplace for medicals after she was beaten by her husband.
In defence, Mpande said that two months ago he met Theresa who was selling water and when the two met for the second time, he told her the problems he was having with his wife.
Theresa testified that Mutale has been chasing after her from January and he later proposed love to her when they met in town.
Magistrate Daniel Phiri adjourned the case to a later date for judgment.