PF Bans Aspiring MPs from Campaigning for Adoption

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri
PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri

The ruling Patriotic Front(PF) has banned aspiring parliamentary candidates from campaigning for adoption until parliament is dissolved.
Newly appointed chairperson for elections Jean Kapata said that currently the PF will stick to the incumbent MPs whose mandate will be reviewed during the adoption process.Kapata said the adoption rush was threatening the stability of the ruling party and distracting sitting Members of Parliament from concentrating on their work.“For now we are not allowing people that wish to stand to go out there and destabilize the party and distract sitting MPs. For now we have banned those activities until parliament is dissolved,” she said.
“We will may be allow them to go where we do not have MPs otherwise first priority will be to sitting MPs who we will also review their performance.
”There has been some background tussles over possible adoption by aspiring candidates with some having declared open warfare with sitting legislators”.