Kaseba in house puzzle


Former first lady Christine Kaseba has not yet taken occupation of the house that Government found for her after leaving 8 Reedbuck Lodge in June this year.

The Government secured the residence occupied by the former World Bank country representative in Woodlands along Mutende Road.
The house has however remained vacant for many months, a situation which may raise serious audit queries as the Government is paying for a vacant house.
The house was identified some months ago and the information was communicated to the former first family.
“To date, the house still stands vacant and it is not clear if the former first lady will move in although some of the children have indicated an interest to move,” the source said.
Asked to comment, permanent secretary for administration at Cabinet Office Margaret Miyoba confirmed that Dr. Kaseba had not moved into the house but asked that the matter should not be publicized because it was only going to antagonize the former first lady and her family.
Mrs. Miyoba said it was not correct to discuss the accommodation of Dr. Kaseba in the press, claiming that the story was not only going to injure her family but also the late president.
She said Dr. Kaseba as a former first lady was a respectable citizen who should not be seen to be antagonising Government and the story should therefore not be pursued.
“We do not deal with matters of our leaders in the press and Dr. Kaseba as the former first lady is a senior citizen who deserves our respect. If we start writing about her in the press, she will be seen to be antagonizing Government.
‘‘Imagine if Mr. Sata was alive, how he would feel to see his wife in the press with negative stories. So, sir, please leave the former first lady out of the press because it will not auger well.
‘‘I will be the first one to call you after she has moved to the house but for now please leave her out of this,” Mrs. Miyoba said.
Earlier this year it was reported that Dr. Kaseba had been evicted from 8 Reedbuck Lodge because Government had failed to pay rentals, an assertion that Government disputed.
The story of the eviction, which appeared in a named newspaper, has now been photocopied and is being distributed in Kasama by a named opposition political party, to show that Government did not care about the welfare of the former first lady and her family.
It has been revealed that the said story was being distributed in Kasama in a bid to make the people in the area revolt against President Lungu and his Government.