Kabimba commanded his cadres to retaliate

ACTING President Wynter Kabimba has directed Shibuyunji District Commissioner Fanwell Mweemba to find land on which Government is to build district offices
Wynter Kabimba

PF in Chipata has refuted reports that its youths attacked Rainbow Party secretary general and presidential candidate Wynter Kabimba when he featured on a live programme on a local radio station on Sunday, DARLINGTON MWENDABAI reports from Chipata.
PF Chipata district chairman Peter Msimuko said yesterday people who wanted to beat Mr Kabimba during a live radio programme on Breeze FM are not members of the PF.
A private tabloid yesterday reported that suspected PF cadres on Sunday morning interrupted the Political Hour programme which featured Mr Kabimba.
Less than 10 minutes into the programme, the cadres started throwing stones at the station forcing Mr Kabimba, who was heard commanding his cadres to retaliate with stones, later abandoned the programme through a back door.
The programme was later resumed in the evening during which Mr Kabimba, a former PF secretary general and minister of Justice, condemned the attack.
But Mr Msimuko said PF is not a violent party and that those who had gone to disrupt the programme are not members of the ruling party but angry members of the public who were not happy with the verbal attacks on President Lungu.
He said in an interview in Chipata yesterday the ruling party cannot throw stones when it wants support from the public.
“Those that stormed the radio station are not PF members but cadres of other political parties who have an agenda with Mr Kabimba,” he said.
Some PF members talked to who spoke on condition of anonymity said the ring leader of the attackers is a Rainbow Party sympathiser.
Breeze FM managing director and owner Mike Daka condemned the incident.
Police said yesterday they had not received any complaint from any party that it had been attacked.
Eastern Province deputy commissioner Patrick Bili said police do not comment on matters where there is no complaint because no one so far had reported the matter.
Meanwhile, PF Chipata district committee has slapped a six-month suspension on district youth chairman Mubiana Mabebo after three constituencies passed a vote of no confidence in him on Friday.