UPND MPs stage protest in Parly

His Excellency Mr Edgar C. Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, chairing Cabinet Meeting at State House in Lusaka Zambia on Monday 16 March 2015. PHOTOS | EDDIE MWANALEZA

United Party for National Development-UPND Members of Parliament yesterday afternoon walked out of parliament in protest of the alleged destruction of their Kitwe Office by suspected Patriotic Front-PF cadres.

UPND Monze Central MP Jack Mwimbu rising on a point of order said party MPs will not attend parliamentary sittings until their members rights are protected.

But Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini said he could not rule on the matter as the UPND MPs had walked out of the house.

Some suspected PF cadres stormed the UPND secretariat in Kitwe where the party leadership was scheduled to hold a meeting.

Meanwhile, PF Secretary General Davies Chama has expressed ignorance on allegations that suspected PF cadres have destroyed the UPND office in Kitwe.

Mr Chama has however advised the UPND to adhere to the law by not holding political meetings without a police permit

He said UPND leadership should not abrogate the law in an attempt to ascend to power.

And Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini says he does not know what motivated UPND Members of Parliament to walk out of parliament.

Dr . Matibini says he only understands that UPND Monze member of Parliament JACK Mwimbu raised a point of order seeking his ruling on the alleged destruction of the UPND’s Kitwe office by suspected PF cadres.

He charged that members of parliament should not abscond business of the house without the leave of the Speaker.

Dr Matibini lamented that it is embarrassing that sometime members of parliament are not able to form a quorum when parliamentary business begin.

He was responding to the point of order raised by Local Government and Housing Minister Steven Kampyongo.

Mr Kapyongo who is also Patrioitic Front-PF Shiwang’andu member of parliament sought the Speaker’s ruling on whether it was in order for UPND members of parliament to walk out of the house.

The UPND members of parliament this afternoon walked out of the house in protest of the alleged destruction of their Kitwe Office and hacking of people within the vicinity by suspected Patriotic Front-PF cadres.

UPND Monze Central MP Jack Mwimbu earlier said that UPND leaders will never attend until party member’s rights are protected.



  1. why can’t PF mps also walk out of parley after receiving 2 votes in nega nega in the Jan presidential by-election? lol

  2. Instead of going there to represent pipo who voted for them they busy with the interest of their party…. Wafya sana

  3. so what? do the PF behave the same way when UPND thugs destroy their temperaly apartments?? they are good at spotting PF ‘s to them mistakes