UPND defies police, triggers CB clashes


UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema and his deputy in charge of administration Geoffrey Mwamba yesterday disobeyed police advice not to hold public meetings in Copperbelt Province, triggering clashes with suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in Kitwe’s Cha Cha Cha township where the opposition party’s offices are situated.
The incident happened around 10:30 hours but quick action by police in riot gear prevented the situation from degenerating into a full-scale physical fight.


In an interview yesterday, police spokesperson Charity Munganga-Chanda confirmed the clashes between PF and UPND cadres but that no arrests were made.
“UPND had notified us that they wanted to hold meetings on the Copperbelt but we told them that we were engaged with other activities and that we will be able to provide security for them beginning the month of December.
“We told them to come up with new dates but they decided to go ahead and hold a meeting in Kitwe without police security. In the process, there were such clashes. We managed to rush to the place and brought the situation under control,” Mrs Munganga-Chanda said.
She warned the UPND to stop holding meetings on the Copperbelt and to instead be a law-abidding political party.
Mrs Chanda said the law is clear on what political parties are expected to do before holding public meetings.
“As Zambia Police, we are a public security resource. Our services are not only needed in one place but many places. They should stop holding meetings on the Copperbelt,” she said.
Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba also featured on a programme on Kitwe’s Radio Icengelo where they issued disparaging remarks against Government.
Vice-President Inonge Wina last week advised opposition parties not to hold public meetings on the Copperbelt in view of the challenges the mining sector is facing.



  1. Then they deserved to be stoned.they want to live above the law.stupid,sturborn hh and fat albert.u deserved it.

  2. Bt the question is,Who is supposed to maintain law and order?Is it Pf or th Police?why shud pf cadres start violence as if they were provoked?If th Police said,no meetings,of course with reasons,its entirel their duty to maintain tht law.As th situation stands,Pf cadres ar being backed by th same Police to fuel violence in th name of maintaining law and order,which is sad.Such acts by police and their dear friends_pf cadres ar jst selling th party UPND,and helping in making it popular thn it used to b.As violence goes on lyk this,Zambians ar getting th message.

  3. But how come I have never heard of the ruling party denied a permit to hold a public gathering?

  4. We are aware that u are a mouthpiece of pf; u can perceive things the the way u want, to please your masters. Its very shallow thinking to imagine that the pf govt has a right to stop anyone to go to any part of this great and noble nation and interact with pipo. HH and GBM are free Zambians, free to go anywhere, with no notice at all! president lungu is busy flying all over the country campaigning, and he wants to deny our PRESIDENTS to meet their pipo! Wat insecurity can u talk about. In Ndola we had peaceful interaction b4 lungu and his pf govt realised the magnetic impact HH and GBM cud cause. This is total violation of Freedoms and Rights of innocent citizenry.

  5. The question u need to ask yourselves is, dint they get permit to hold such meetings? If they dd, then stop the pf stupidity

  6. The other way round: police and pf abused their mandate on the copperbelt; thereby causing commotion on the copperbelt!

  7. “Successful people are EXTREMELY self-disciplined. When they set their mind to something, they do it. No questions asked.”