HH vows to proceed with CB meetings with or without Police permits

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UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has vowed that his planned meetings on the Copperbelt will go ahead with or without Police permission.
Mr. Hichilema who is on the Copperbelt for a series of political meetings.
The UPND leader yesterday held an engagement with Bus and taxi drivers in Ndola who vowed to rally behind him.
The drivers have told Mr.Hichilema that their decision to rally behind him is as a result of exploitation from the ruling PF through the Road Transport and Safety Agency RTSA.HH2
They complained that under the PF government, transport taxes have been highly increased while acquiring a Public Service vehicle PSV license has also been made complicated.


Speaking on behalf of other bus and taxi drivers, Donald Mutale said public service drivers on the Copperbelt are fade up with increased taxes being introduced by the RTSA from time to time.
The drivers made the petition to Mr. Hichilema and his entourage toured the market behind Mulungushi bus station in Ndola.
And UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema promised the drivers that once elected president in 2016 such issues will be among his first priorities.
Meanwhile UPND Vice president for Administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has questioned the caliber of people surrounding President Edgar Lungu to give him sound advice on many national matters.
He has since asked the people of Copperbelt to vote for the UPND in 2016 so that they usher in a government of intellectuals who will manage the country’s economy for the betterment of all Zambians.



  1. he is not respecting the Law as at now, what of when he become president mwati tatwakulatukwafye lyonse

  2. No one is above the law just follow the procedure of conducting meetings. Desperation of wanting more votes in copperbelt depends on aspiring president respect the law of the Zambia they want to rule. Be a leader who respects the public order act.

  3. Why not respecting the law thag he wants to rule next year? What shall he get if he pushes himself so much? The people he sees shall not be there with him in prison. Respect the law and u loose nothing.

  4. The So Called Presido Of The Upnd, Want’s 2 Take The Law In His Hands Wat Un Example Zambia Will B If Elected, The Will B No Laws In This Country. Sam1 Is Joking.

  5. U deserve it sir,Continue so dat de wisdom GOD gav u cn rescue Zambians from Misery

  6. Imwe na imwe sungeni umukoshi ubulungu tabwayafya ukusanga. No need for confrontation. You ll need the vote of the electorate who may be crushed in the process, because of your carelessness, to count.