Salary causes trouble in marriage

Divorce Court

BARELY a year into marriage, a housewife of Lusaka’s New Chilenje township sued her husband to court over unfair distribution of his salary to cater for household needs.
Jane Chingano told senior court magistrate Sharon Sichone that her husband Donald Mutale does not give her enough money to meet the needs of the family.
“We always have problems when he gets paid because my husband does not give me adequate ration. The money is not enough to buy clothes for our child as well as things for myself,” Chingano said.
Chingano said this in a case in which she sued her husband for marriage reconciliation. The two got married in June 2014 and have one child together.


“His behaviour has led me to having my meals at my parents’ home because I cannot afford to starve as I am breastfeeding the baby. But despite everything, I still want to be with my husband because I love him” she said.
But Mutale told the court that he earns K1,000 monthly and only keeps a K50 for himself. He said the rest of the money is managed by Chingano.
“But when she gets the money, we only have enough food and essentials that last a week. Then she starts frequenting her parents’ home for food and refuses to cook for me. She does not appreciate what I go through to keep her happy,” he complained.
Mutale told the court that his family is his first priority.
“I always put the interest of my family first but unfortunately, my efforts are not being appreciated, I have seven shirts and five trousers from the time I started working because my priority is ensuring that she has everything she needs and wants,” he said.
Mutale pleaded with the court to counsel Chingano over her behaviour which leads to her to stop performing her duties as a wife each time they have an argument.
The court adjourned the matter to a later date to allow that the couple is counselled by elders from both families before judgment could be passed in court.