Kachanana testifies against GBM’s son

Kachanana Simate
Kachanana Simate

MUSICIAN Kachanana yesterday narrated to the Lusaka magistrate’s court how she was assaulted by United Party for National Development (UPND) vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba’s son, Peter.
Kachanana Simate, 32, told Lusaka magistrate, Jennifer Bwalya that she went to Mwamba’s house to demand payment of a K57,000 debt which he owed her.
Peter, 30, a businessman, is charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
Ms Simate said she decided to approach Mwamba about the money because she was also being pursued by other people she owed.


She said she was in the company of one of her creditors and a friend when they got to Mwamba’s house in Avondale and that he ushered them into his house.
Ms Simate said tempers rose during the discussion on when Mwamba would pay back the money and that he was infuriated by her statement that ‘even his father did not want anything to do with his debt because he was a problem’.
“I followed Mwamba to his home… He got angry with me when I called him a liar. He asked me if I knew who he was and what he could do to me,” she said.
Ms Simate said tempers flared and that the two engaged in an altercation and that Mwamba advanced towards her during the argument and hit her in the face.
She said she fell to the floor and started bleeding from the mouth and nose.
Ms Simate said she reported the matter to Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Police Station where she was given a medical report form, but the case was later transferred to Woodlands Police Station.
Mwamba is charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
The trial continues.



  1. kachanana alakongwesha sex so she gives it as kaloba maybe it took some months to make that much. anyway vibelo ni capital.

  2. Like father like son…very stupid this people…that’s why they don’t derserve to be near with state power..

  3. Mmmmmm and then you rush to the media to report, you are also just problematic and that was actually what you wanted when you were following that man at his home. You wanted people to know that you are friends with the big fish. Just mingle with people of your class and you will avoid such problems.