Masupa cautions Zambians over prophesies

What the Bible Says About Money
What the Bible Says About Money

Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) Board Chairman Bishop David Masupa has advised Zambians against believing every prophesy coming from men of God saying some of them are not genuine.
Bishop Masupa says not every prophesy that is purported to come from God is genuine considering that some people are in the ministry to make money by deceiving people.

He states that a genuine prophesy from God comes with conditions as the case is with prophesies in the Bible.
Bishop Masupa says some false prophets want to get the attention of the people so that they can extort money through fake prophesies.
And Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Pukuta Mwanza says people are being deceived out of desperation.
Reverend Mwanza says prophesy must be tested considering that not all who claim to be men of God are genuine.