Magnitude of the mines’ problem is as we say it- Chishimba


The Chamber of Mines of Zambia (CMZ) says there is nothing being concealed with regards the magnitude of the problems in Zambia’s Mining industry.

CMZ president Nathan Chishimba says the chamber has been clear in its communication that the challenges the mining industry is facing are as a result of both domestic and external factors.
He says what is obtaining in the mining industry is a consequence of factors which have been building up and which the chamber of mines has been trying to communicate.
Mr. Chishimba has told Qfm News by telephone that the Chamber of Mines has been able to pinpoint where exactly the problems in the industry lie.
He however states that the Chamber of Mines holds the view that the challenges being faced in the mining industry have solutions, and wants to help find solutions especially for those challenges arising from domestic factors.
Mr. Chishimba notes that what is needed is for government and mine owners to apply themselves in the spirit of give and take with a view of seeing the industry move forward.
He says the mining industry is committed to dialogue with the government, and that where job losses and closure of mine operations can be avoided; it is ready engage itself in such issues.
And Mr. Chishimba has dismissed as untrue suggestions that dialogue meetings between mine owners and the government have not been genuine.