Choma council confiscates 800 litres of ‘illegal’ fuel

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THE Choma Municipal Council has seized over 800 litres of fuel from illegal vendors dotted around the town following a clean-up exercise.

The exercise followed complaints from Choma residents over the rising number of illegal fuel vendors, with some storing the flammable substance near makeshift restaurants and residential areas.

A team of state and council police and other council officers on Friday carried out the exercise at Maamba bus station and Harmony, an area about 15 kilometres from Choma town.

After the exercise, council chief human resource officer Justin Chombo, who is also in charge of the council police, said the local authority would not condone lawlessness in the town.

“This operation was about getting rid of illegal fuel vendors. We have received a lot of complaints because these people have invaded the town selling diesel and petrol illegally. We managed to recover about three 210-litre drums of diesel and also about 15 by 20 litres of diesel including empty containers which were being used in this illegal business,” he said.

Chombo said the council would not relent in its quest to rid the town of illegal fuel vendors because they were not authorised to engage in such business.

“The vendors need to know that the council will not sit idle and see them put the residents’ lives at risk. We will not relent and this will be a routine action to ensure that such vices are curtailed. All those that have been found to be dealing in this illegal business will be dealt with by the law,” he said.

Chombo urged members of the public to report any illegalities regarding the sale of fuel in town to safeguard their lives.

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