‘Snakeman’ gets 21 days ultimatum

Lusaka man found with a snake- Pic credit-mwebantu

THE Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has given Rabson Mkandawire, aka Dr Simbazako, 21 days in which to apply for a certificate of possessing a reptile.
In a statement released in Lusaka yesterday, ZAWA public relations officer Sakabilo Kalembwe said Mr Mkandawire visited ZAWA offices in Chilanga to follow up the issue of his certificate of possession of a reptile.
“I could not come with the snake here, but as you know, ‘spirits’ have to be treated with the respect they deserve.

“Over the weekend, I took the snake to Chingwele cemetery. I have faced challenges to convince the spirits to be brought to ZAWA,’’ Mr Mkandawire told ZAWA officers.
He told ZAWA officers that his grandfather’s spirits are annoyed.
Last week, Mr Mkandawire was arrested by police in Lusaka and was later handed over to ZAWA for being in possession of wildlife.
Instead of charging him with illegal possession of the snake the authority softened and instead offered to give him a certificate to authorise him to continue keeping the reptile.