Lusaka man charged with illegal possession of snake

Lusaka man found with a snake- Pic credit-mwebantu

ZAMBIA Wild Life Authority (ZAWA) has released unconditionally the man who alleged unleashed a snake from his pocket to the public and Police after they attempted to arrest him for bashing a woman pedestrian last week.
ZAWA Spokesperson said the man revealed during intense interrogation that he was given this spitting Cobra by his Grand Father in 1993 for protection and that the snake does not grow nor die. He said even if Zawa or anyone got his snake from him, it would return to him.

ZAWA decided to release the man as belief in Witchcraft is unreasonable under the Laws of Zambia & that ZAWA deals more in scientific protection of endangered species and not witchcraft.
The Spokesperson has however said the man will be charged with possession of Wildlife without a Wildlife License once ZAWA determines that his type of Snake is an endangered wildlife.
Source: ZNBC