Woman drowns in Zambezi river during picnic

The Zambezi River is Western Province's greatest resource and its lifeline. Forming the Western boundary of Zambia (separating Angola), the Zambezi River provides fish, fertile plains, and transportation routes on its waters.
The Zambezi River


A 28-yearl old woman of Livingstone drowned in the Zambezi River at a popular picnic site called dry Manzi in the Mosi-O-tunya national park.

Zambia Wildife Authority -ZAWA- Southern regional senior warden Lusizi Mwale who confirmed the incident which happened around 16 hours on Saturday identified the decesased as Mary Nyendwa.

Ms Mwale told ZNBC at the scene that MARY together with her four relatives and friends strayed into the water while having fun but got swept away by the current.

Ms Mwale says ZAWA fire brigade and Police officers are on the ground searching for the body.

And Mary’s friend Elizabeth Mpande told ZNBC that she tried to save her friend but the current was too strong and they both did not know how to swim.

And ZAWA has released a 43 year old man who was arrested after he unleashed a live snake from his trousers pockets.

ZAWA Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe says the man was released yesterday after he was interrogated.

Mr Kalembwe said the man was found with a spitting COBRA which he said was given to him by his grandfather in 1993.

He said ZAWA need to determine if the snake is protected species or not.

He however said a comprehensive statement will be issued by ZAWA.

According to the ZAWA Act one needs a certificate of ownership to be in possession of any wildlife.

Mr Kalembwe was speaking in an interview with TV 2 News in Lusaka.