“I cannot have an affair with your hubby, he is not man enough”

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A KITWE housewife has told the Garneton Local Court how her neighbour hurled insults at her and her husband claiming he was not man enough.
Damaless Phiri said her neighbour, Juliet Kaimbo, told her that she cannot flirt with her (Phiri) husband because he was not man enough.
Phiri was narrating before senior court magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu in a case in which she sued Kaimbo for defamation and compensation for insults.
In her statement, Phiri said problems started last month on September 26 when Kaimbo went to her house with her friend.
“Kaimbo started insulting me claiming I had sent my daughter to beat her up. She then told me in front of people who had gathered to watch the commotion that she cannot have an affair with my husband because he was not man enough,” Phiri said.


But Kaimbo told the court that she only approached Phiri’s house when she heard her insulting in the neighbourhood.
She said Phiri continued with the insults the next day but that she (Kaimbo) did not respond because no names were mentioned.
“Later, she approached me and called me a prostitute. She accused me of flirting with her husband even when she has no proof,” Kaimbo said.
However, the court in passing judgment dismissed the case advising the two parties to be mature and learn how to resolve their differences amicably especially that they are neighbours.