LUNGU, God sent -KK

KK being honoured by President Edgar Lungu - Photo Credit Jean Mandela -

FOUNDING President Kenneth Kaunda has condemned the continued attacks on President Lungu in some newspapers.
During a meeting with the clergy from Lusaka Province at his residence yesterday, Dr Kaunda said President Lungu has been inspired by God to develop the country and deserves to be appreciated.
“Who are the people shouting at him and spreading hatred? What is more fulfilling than what the young man is doing? Let us pray for him because God gave him the power to rule and we need him to do what he is doing in order to improve the lives of the local people,” he said.
Dr Kaunda called upon the clergy in the country to come together and stop the attacks on the President.
“What has President Lungu done wrong to be attacked like this?


I urge the Church to come together and rally behind him so that those working to destroy him do not succeed. People are going round and spreading lies about him,” he said.
Dr Kaunda commended President Lungu for appointing women to key positions in government.
“As groups serving God, please go out there and educate our brothers and sisters on the wonderful works President Lungu is doing. Spread the word so that this young man [President Lungu] can be kept in place,” he said.
Dr Kaunda also commended President Lungu for the speech he gave during the ceremonial opening of Parliament on September 18.
“If I was there when he addressed Parliament, I would have shouted ‘long live President Lungu’. The UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon fortunately invited him to give the same speech at the just-ended UN General Assembly in front of other world leaders,” he said.
And delegation leader Peter Ndhlovu called upon Zambians not to shun the national day of prayer, fasting and repetance.
“The captain of the ship who paved way for such an event in 1964, six days before independence, is still here and we need to all be there on this very day to fulfil its mandate,” he said.