Former PF deputy Secretary General joins UPND


Former Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Bridget Atanga has joined the opposition United Party for National Development, UPND, after the ruling party threw her to the fringes of the main structure.
Atanga, had previously joined forces with former Vice-president Guy Scott, as was one of the senior PF members that had attempted to block President Edgar Lungu from ascending to the helm of the party in December 2014.
After President Lungu emerged winner of the fractious intra-party race, Atanga found herself out of the main party system and became irrelevant to the process.
On welcoming Atanga, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said, “We are privileged to have received Ms. Bridget Atanga, the Former PF Deputy Secretary General, in our ever growing UPND family together with several other PF members and Zambians that mean well for the country.
“As usual we urge all well meaning Zambians to join hands with us and in the same vein I request our fellow UPND members to fully embrace our colleagues that are joining the team.
“Like we always say, there are no old and new UPND members, there are just fellow citizens that want to contribute to the welfare of our country.”