Kenya sex workers write to President after four killed, ask for protection

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta

Nakuru sex workers have petitioned the President to help end killings believed to be targeted, saying they deserve fair treatment.

The Kenya Sex Workers Association wrote an open letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday, following the killing of four prostitutes, whose bodies were disfigured.

The face of one of the victims was skinned and her eyes gouged out, while some body parts were missing.

“We are hopeful for a chance to a right to be protected by the law and be respected as human beings and citizens of this country,” said national coordinator Felista Abdalla.

“Above everything, President, allow me to remind you that I am a Kenyan citizen with a Kenyan ID, a registered voter who has voted leaders into public offices.”

The sex workers said they have sought help in vain from the state but called for the arrest of the killers.

“We have looked everywhere for help that seems distant while the death toll continues to rise. Our eyes have settled on you as our help to end these senseless killings,” Abdalla said.

“These are mothers, sisters and daughters who are responsible for their families. Their children have been left without anyone to care for them and it is possible that their future [is ruined].”

In the letter, Abdalla said at least 40 sex workers are murdered every month, and that one was killed in Kisii and another in Nanyuki.

In the town on Monday, more than 200 commercial sex workers protested against poor security saying many of their colleagues are killed by men pausing as clinets.

Spokesperson Daisy Achieng said they should be protected as they make significant contributions to the economy.

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