Another of the “smuggled” antelopes dies

ZAWA scouts

The number of Sable antelopes that have died out of the 12 that were almost smuggled out of the country has risen to five.

Four other antelopes died over the weekend.

Zambia Wildlife Authority-ZAWA and police last week intercepted six South Africans and one Zimbabwean for allegedly being involved in animal smuggling.

ZAWA Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe says the death is due to stress and the heat the animals suffered in Gwembe district.


Mr. Kalembwe told ZNBC that the authority’s veterinary doctors were trying to make the remaining animals as comfortable as possible in the new environment at Lusaka’s Mundawanga Wildlife Park.

He said the animals also suffered fatigue having being driven from Lusaka to Gwembe under sweltering heat.

Mr Kalembwe said the legal department is still studying the matter as the authority seeks which appropriate charges to slap on the seven foreign nationals.

Tourism Minister Jean Kapata warned that any Zambian involved in the scheme will face the wrath of the law.