GBM ready to concede defeat in Kasama poll

GBM at kasama Police
GBM at kasama Police

Former Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba says he is ready to concede defeat if he loses in the impending by-election.

Mr. Mwamba says it would be the wish of the people of Kasama Central if he loses and therefore he cannot reject their choice of whom they prefer to represent them in Parliament.

He has however told QFM News in an interview that he doubts anyone else other himself can win the by-election.

Mr. Mwamba says he does not think PF candidate Kelvin Sampa is any closer to matching his popularity in Kasama Central to beat him in the by-election.

He states that all the people that voted for him when he stood on the PF ticket in 2011 have now followed him to the UPND.

Mr. Mwamba says this is why he does not think what happened in Lubansenshi where the immediate past Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka was defeated would repeat itself in Kasama Central.

He adds that he is ready to counter any form of electoral corruption and vote buying that allegedly characterized the Lubansenshi by-election in order to keep what he has termed as his Parliamentary seat