Aircraft seized from South African, Zimbabwean wildlife smugglers

Wildlife Trafficking - Photo credit
Wildlife Trafficking - Photo credit

Government has seized an aircraft and a motor vehicle involved in the arrest of seven foreign nationals on suspicion of smuggling wildlife.


Tourism Minister Jean Kapata told journalists that all airstrips will be subjected to stringent security search by armed and security forces to bring to a STOP any illegalities.


Ms Kapata has warned that if they were any Zambians involved in the scandal where six South African nationals and a Zimbabwean are suspected to have attempted to airlift 12 sable antelopes the law will catch up with them.


Two people involved have been detained at Lusaka’s Woodlands Police and five at Monze Police station.


Ms Kapata was speaking when she inspected the aircraft in the company of her defence minister Richwell Siamunene at Lusaka’s City Airport.


And Mr. Siamunene says the activity of illegally reaping Zambia’s natural resources ought to be stopped.


Mr Simunene praised Zambia Airforce for being alert describing the issue as annoying.


Meanwhile, ZAF commander Lieutenant General Eric Chimense says the aircraft evaded surveillance systems.


He says the aircraft was cleared to fly to South Africa but instead went into Gwembe District.


Wildlife Trafficking – Photo credit