Inmate ruptures bladder in prison assault

Kamfisa prison

THE Human Rights Commission says it is saddened and shocked that an inmate was beaten and ruptured his bladder inside Lusaka Central Prison.

Commission chief information and training officer, Mweelwa Muleya, condemned the assault of James Hankuba by fellow inmates.

“The Commission was shocked and saddened to receive a report that an inmate by the name of James Hankuba had been severely beaten by fellow inmates, resulting in the rupturing of his urinary bladder and suffering other bodily injuries. As part of the ongoing investigations, the Commission has visited the victim at the University Teaching Hospital [UTH] where he is admitted, and has also spoken to some prison authorities,” Muleya stated.



He stated that preliminary investigations indicated that Hankuba was assaulted by known fellow inmates within the prison premises.

Muleya stated that Hankuba informed the Commission that he was assaulted by a group of inmates that was allegedly aggrieved by the contents of the video he produced while in prison.

“The Commission calls upon the prison authorities to seriously examine any security and/or administrative lapses that may have resulted into severe beating and injuring of an inmate under their custody. Discipline and order among inmates should be firmly maintained for the safety and well-ordered conduct of inmates by, among other measures, regular supervision of inmates,” he said.

Muleya stated that the prison service had reported the case to police and took the victim to hospital.

“The Commission, however, calls for guarantee of the right of the victim to access any form of representation he may wish to receive in seeking any form of redress. The Commission further calls for punishment of the culprits as a deterrent to would-be offenders and also to ensure that justice is done. The Commission will continue monitoring the situation to ensure that the safety of the victim is guaranteed while in hospital and after being discharged,” stated Muleya.

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