Fire Yaluma, Tayali tells President Lungu

Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

The Zambian Voice has called on President Edgar Lungu to fire Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma.
Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has told a media briefing in Lusaka this morning that his organisation has been receiving complaints from both citizens living around and near the mining site for China copper mines in Chingola and other small stTayali Chilufyaakeholders alleging that Mr. Yaluma has been giving preferential treatment to Yu Wang Ping the director of CCM.
Mr. Tayali says it has been proven to them that Mr. Yaluma has been allegedly cutting corners to facilitate CCM’s operations even at the expense of poor Zambians.


He states that Mr. Yaluma sidelined Zambians by ordering the cancellation of small scale mining licenses in preference of China Copper Mines.
He further alleges that Mr. Yaluma also exerted pressure on Mines Development Department, the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) and the Mines Safety Department to allow CCM continue mining operations despite local assessors and citizens complaining that CCM is a health hazard to the community in the area.
Mr. Tayali states that his organisation has come to a conclusion that Mr. Yaluma is not as clean as he wants the citizens to believe.
Mr. Tayali has further challenged Mr. Yaluma to refute allegations that he has been getting money from owners of CCM, stating that his organisation has enough evidence to back its allegations support.