Prophet Bushiri jets in Ndola to meet spiritual son


Controversial Malawian Prophet,  Shepherd Bushiri yesterday evening arrived in Ndola Zambia for a revival meeting with his spiritual son Prophet Hermes.

“Arrived in Zambia Ndola for a revival meeting at my spiritual son Prophet Hermes. I feel the Holy Spirit moving.I see the glory of God changing everything in your life.

“Thanks to you all who supported in prayers to get this new jet. This gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ must be preached to the whole world,” wrote Bushiri on his social media page.

Recently, Bushiri made headlines for walking on thin air with some people dismissing the video as fake.



  1. im toid he walked on air,i guess this time he will fly without a jet.and how much does that bushri have to be a jet?

    • Ba bishop u mean to tell me u havent seen the video sure,,,,,,, this idiot as i know him to be thinks God is stuped… I wander why he wasnt flying wen he came in zambia

  2. A Brass Band for the ‘Man of God’….have you forgotten the warnings in the Bible about earthly men who will come masquerading in his name…..?

  3. I have wondered y he does not frequent eastern province which is near his country or just to miracles in Malawi there are a lot of problems there also

  4. spiritual son””so how wuld God call him grandson??..this spiritual son or daughter thing z not bibilical.bcoz da bible in matthew 23:9,says dont call anyone on earth father,this z blasphemy bcoz u hav only one father who z in heaven..we all knw this has nothing 2do with our biological parents,but it abt careful with such terms.

  5. The air bender is in town! Imilongo ya ba namayo teyakulanda, kwati tabakwata ba shimapepo babo.