GBM is the biggest political coward of our time-Fr. Bwalya

President Fr. Frank Bwalya ABZ
Frank Bwalya

Former PF Kasama central Member of Parliament Mr Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly known as GBM is the biggest political coward in Zambia today. And his allegation of electoral fraud by the PF in the recently held Lubansenshi parliamentary by-election should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.
The reality is that the winning of Bululu ward by-election in Kasama central by the United Party for National Development (UPND) during which GBM engaged in electoral violence for which he is even in court and vote buying made him big headed to think that he would use the same tactics to win Lubansenshi. But the people of Lubansenshi rejected violence and refused to sell their vote to the highest bidder. They voted for the PF candidate because of the convincing message of unity, peace and development which was preached by all the members of our campaign team including the Republican President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Republican Vice President Ms Inonge Mutukwa Wina who are also our party president and vice president respectively.
The specific allegation that I Frank Bwalya was giving electorates K50.00 each and other illegal handouts to vote for the PF candidate is laughable. No political party in Zambia has enough money to dish out as much as K50.00 per voter to win an election. It is practically not possible. Therefore, I challenge GBM to ask his party, UPND to petition the Lubansenshi by-election if he has evidence of vote buying by the PF deputy campaign manager Fr Frank Bwalya.


I do not deny that on polling day I went to four polling stations to pay our polling agents their allowances and guide them on how to use our PVT system. Other senior members of PF did the job for other polling stations. Unfortunately UPND created propaganda that my laptop bag which I carried around with me contained huge sums of money for vote buying. In fact the UPND candidate Mr Patrick Mucheleka met me at Lupili polling station around 17:30 hours and we greeted cordially but as he walked away he looked back and said to me in Cibemba, “iyo kwena mwashifolesha indalama, ichola ubukulu”. (It looks you have dished out a lot of money going by the big size of the bag you have.) This statement by Mr Mucheleka was equally fallacious because by his reasoning the proof that I dished out money was that I was carrying a bag. Therefore, my cordial response to him was that I was at liberty to carry around my laptop bag. I also responded in Cibemba as follows, “Bushe umutunganya eo undeshe ukusenda ichola candi nemwine mwa?”
Regarding the statement by GBM that Kasama central seat is his, all I can say is that GBM deserves the prize of the biggest political coward who has become an expert in making fallacious and contradictory statements. For instance, how can GBM boast that Kasama central parliamentary seat is his and that he can never lose it to PF through a by-election while at the same time blocking the very process, by-election, that should confirm his position or prove him right? Nevertheless, GBM in one breath claims that he will beat PF hands down should the by-election go ahead in Kasama central and in another breath claims that he remains a PF Member of Parliament while carrying the title of UPND vice president for administration. This is the same GBM who alleges that PF won in Lubansenshi because of electoral fraud but would lose in Kasama not because the ruling party’s alleged fraud will be kept in check but because GBM is popular in Kasama central. This is contradictory and plainly fallacious. It is, as a matter of fact, an admission that UPND lost in Lubansenshi because of the unpopularity of the party and its candidate who lost his seat due to notorious electoral fraud.
Finally, I challenge GBM to walk the talk and stop playing legal hide-and-seek games so that we can meet in the field and allow the people of Kasama to go to the polls and decide.

Fr. Frank Bwalya


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