We can only take part in national prayers if gov fulfills our demands-UPND


The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has given government four conditions to meet before party members can attend the much talked about national day of prayer and fasting scheduled for October 18th, 2015.


And the opposition political party has assured that for as long as the people who are calling for these prayers are not being sincere in their dealings, the prayers will not be answered by God whether Mr. Hichilema is there or not.

UPND Special Assistant to the President Edward Mumbi has told QFM News in an interview that the party has not refused to go for the program but that they want the PF Government to address certain issues before showing up at the program.

Mr. Mumbi says it is important that the government clearly indicates how the lives of the people will be safeguarded during that event considering that there has been indiscriminate use of fire arms by PF cadres.

He believes that the life of the UPND Leader and other people maybe in danger if this issue is not carefully addressed.

He says other conditions that the government should meet is to tell the nation the way forward concerning the constitution making process which he says there is no clear roadmap in coming up with the new supreme law of the land.

He says other issues that need to be addressed are violence and insulting opposition leaders by PF cadres.

Mr. Mumbi has emphasized that the PF have been mocking the people of Zambia for a long period of time now and there is no need of sitting with them.

He quotes Psalms 1:1 which says “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers”, saying it is difficult for the party to associate with the PF because of they have mocked Zambians.

Mr. Mumbi says if the above conditions are met, then party members will not have difficulties to be part of the proceedings.


  1. Any political leader or party which has no regard for the things of God Almighty the Holy One of Isreal, its a doomed and useless party.

  2. Upnd Are Giving God Conditions 4 Them 2 Praise And Praying 2 Him, What A Foolish Party You Are Lost Only Pipo With No Brains Can Follow You With Your Foolish Condition. Upnd Have You Ever At Any Time Attending Any National Events Apart From Funirals And Violence. Pray 2 Your H?H Bt Remember Tht You Are Going No Where.

  3. but upnd sure this is so bad even prayers sure prayerz they shud be political no wonder baf***ala u nevr rule ..ure just so dull does God belong to any political party i dont think so,that mins no matter wat differences under God we are all one..think wise

  4. pipo we dnt hav to waste time on these fools what is so special about the so called upnd its not a forcing matter to hell with your politics

  5. Wether u deny it or not,dis whole thing z political.y dd he declare t b4 he become president?and to which denomination does presido EL belongs?pipo dont jx folow blindly thes r last days lets b careful on hw we accept thngs.

  6. Topclass” first battalion. first commando upcoming worldwide leader by theoc’racy. Retired general but not tired field marshal- Jesus Christ of Nazareth in me. Holy Ghost devil chasing and killing. Holy ghost fire. in Jesus name. KING of all kings and the LORD of lords. Holy of holies. ROMANS 8:28-39. DANIEL 7:13-14}.

  7. We will still pray for u ,for your eyes and minds to Open in Jesus name

  8. Those who dnt believe God can do anything for those who humble themselves before the throne of grace,doubt the power of prayers.for us who believe lets Join together and pray for Mother Zambia.

  9. Please Stay Away .we know u worship PF , Us we will be praying to the Holy one . Go away Satan ,Jesus proclaimed

  10. Being in opposition doesn’t means you should oppose everything good and bad. thats arrogant and full of pride like lucifer. this is not politics it is prayer and fasting for the country’s economy and alot of things rains and reconcile ourselfs to God in Jesus name. only the devil worshiper can reject this call. we are human being and we cant work magic. lungu is just a person like any well meaning zambia. but he is a leader with the fear of God the beginning of wisdom. so if you are a future leader and you shun away from seeking the face and presence of God who own the whole world. so when you become a president, zambia will be a cult occultic country. God forbid. everything belong to God. everything we have here on earth are just borrowed from God when you die everything remains including your body and cloth. who are you? for God has no respect of any person. you shall be judged by your own act. MATTHEW 12:33-37} wow an to you.

  11. #ThePresident of the great republic of #Zambia is not #Forcing anyone to #Fast&Pray, this has nothing to do with politics. people need to see beyond politics and look into the future. #Arise&Pray

  12. Honestly speaking we are not praying to His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu or any human being,the president just declared and he didn’t force anyone to pray and besides who will need a bitter prayer not even GOD.All we want is to pray for our country so that the almighty GOD can intervene in our country in many ways because a lot of things bad are happening,its not just about the kwacha and copper prices or poverty.


  14. They in power thru dubius means then u cheat yoself 2 fast prayer moreover with fek pastor frm fek churchs,go ahead see the result.

  15. Prayer or any Godly works are voluntary. If the whole entity UPND shuns away don’t demonise them but pray for all those who will not be able to convene with others on that day.As for giving conditions is the most stupid and ridiculous thing one can do bcoz God uses pipo to intercede on behalf of others.

  16. Am against national whatever. How can I when am angry no food and others are full and hav food.

  17. Is this the PF prayer day? If so, opposition parties can shun. But as fas as I know, the day is for all the nation. It’s high for a patriot, a citizen of this country, to bow before God and seek His guidance and intervention in the problems that are facing the nation. I don’t see any sense in giving conditions for one to partipate in a national prayer day! It’s like asking money before you go to church! Is that normal?!

  18. Why have we started playing with God in this manner. They stole the votes and they have failed to govern how then will God listen to them? How then will God listen to people who have divided Zambia by preaching politics of hatred and tribalism? I pray God forgives these PF thugs before they insult him through their prayers.

    • It is not PF prayer but for each one of us to humble our selves and seek the face of God. Do not take it political.

  19. The human faculties of perception, judgment, discriminative feeling, mental activity, and even moral preference, are exercised only in making a choice. He who does anything because it is the custom, makes no choice.”