PF will always win in Northern Province – Sampa

Mile Sampa's campaign team spokesperson Kelvin Mutale Sampa
Mile Sampa's campaign team spokesperson Kelvin Mutale Sampa

Patriotic Front candidate for the impending Kasama Central parliamentary by-election Kelvin Sampa says it is inevitable for the ruling party to win any by-election that arises in Northern Province.
Mr. Sampa believes the outcome of the recently held Lubansenshi Parliamentary by-election in Luwingu District is only a litmus test of what will happen if a by-election is called anywhere in the Province.

He says this means that if any opposition political party thinks it can take advantage of the economic crisis in the country as basis for winning an election in the Province, such a party will be wasting its time.
Mr. Sampa has told Qfm News that Kasama Central has a huge PF following than Lubansenshi and that he expects to get more votes when the by-election is eventually called in the area.
He says former Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba will be an easy candidate to beat in the by-election once it is held.



  1. which north province solwezi for HH kikikikikik miles look at u u not even. ashamed of yoself

  2. If a Tonga person said such a thing about UPND ku Southern Province ninshi ni tribalism. Very sad.

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