Mother takes son from matrimonial home protesting birth of disabled child

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer


A 71-year-old Harare woman reportedly took her son away from his matrimonial home protesting against her daughter-in-law who had given birth to a disabled child, the civil court heard yesterday.

Rugare Homela claimed Edna Mkundu was always insulting her for giving birth to a disabled child and wanted her to permanently separate from her husband over the same issue.

“She is chasing me away from her house because I gave birth to a disabled child and she told my husband that I was going to keep on giving birth to disabled children,” she said.
Homela told the court that she never chose to give birth to a disabled child but that it was God’s will.

“She took my husband to her house and now I am suffering alone with the children as he is now neglecting them,” she said.

Homela claimed her marriage was now on the rocks because of Mkundu’s behaviour and influence on her husband.

Mkundu had submitted that Homela was in the habit of physically and verbally abusing his son.

Mkundu was seeking a protection order against Homela whom she also accused of assaulting her verbally and physically at her own house.

“I had to take my son away from this woman because she was in the habit of verbally and physically abusing him every day,” she said.

Mkundu pleaded with magistrate Mrs Babra Mateko to bar Homela from abusing her and her son and also to stop coming to her place of residence.

Mrs Mateko deferred the matter to today for ruling.