Kaizer case still active – Katanga

Special assistant for corruption- Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit zambianwatchdog.com
Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit zambianwatchdog.com

The Zambia Police says the decision whether or not to pursue the matter in Court in which Presidential Political Advisor Kaizer Zulu has been charged with Threatening Violence following a shooting incident at Chrismar Hotel, will depend on the complainant Enock Kavindele Junior formally withdrawing the complaint.
Lusaka province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has told QFM News in a telephone interview that no formal withdrawal of the matter has been made so far by Mr Kavindele Junior.
Ms Katanga says it is therefore too early to state whether the matter will be withdrawn from the court.Katanga
She says Police have been waiting to hear from the Kavindele brothers from last Friday after indicated that they had reconciled with Mr Zulu following a bar altercation which resulted in the Presidential Aide discharging his firearm .


Ms Katanga explains that the fact that Mr. Zulu was bonded for up 7th October the day he is scheduled to appear in Court, it cannot be assumed that the criminal complaint against him might not be withdrawn.
And the Zambia Youths Association in the Fight Against Corruption (ZYAFAC) says the intended withdrawal of the criminal complaint against the Presidential political advisor is a mockery to the Police.
ZYAFAC Executive Director Rickson Kanema says the move amounts to taking the Zambia Police for granted.
Mr Kanema says it does not augur well for anyone to file a complaint and withdraw it two days later when the Police have other serious matters to deal with in the country.
Mr. Kanema has since called on the Police not to entertain the withdrawal of the complaint against Mr. Zulu.
He has told QFM News that Police should ensure the matter is pursued to its logical conclusion.