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PRESIDENT Lungu has said Government has put everything in place to salvage the economy and his call on the nation to pray and fast should not be politicised and misconstrued as failure on his part.Mr Lungu said the Kwacha has started gaining value against the United States Dollar as a result of Government interventions.He said this in an interview with journalists at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport yesterday on his return from New York, where he was attending the United Nations General Assembly.
President Lungu also said those who do not believe in God and want to politicise the day of national repentance, prayer and fasting are free not to take part in the event scheduled for October 18.He said Government is firmly in control of the country’s challenges, noting that he has a responsibility to provide leadership both in the economy and the political arena.“I am in control and there is nothing I have failed.

Anyone who does not believe in God should stay away from the October 18th day of national prayer and fasting. My colleagues in the political arena should take this day seriously,” he said.He said people with brilliant ideas on how to salvage the economy should come on board as Government is ready to listen.President Lungu said it is not necessary to convene a national indaba (conference) to discuss the status of the Kwacha because there are enough experts in government and the private sector to help resolve the challenge.He said that he is not hiding in prayer in the wake of economic difficulties that the country is facing, but is merely exercising his belief in God.President Lungu said that he believes in God both in happiness and difficulties.He said that Zambians are in support of seeking God’s guidance on the day of national prayers and fasting because they believe in unity built on the country’s motto: ‘One Zambia, One Nation’
.President Lungu said his engagements at the UN general assembly were fantastic and that he is happy to be back home despite some problems the country is facing.Many church organisations and individuals have commended President Lungu for declaring October 18 as a day for repentance, prayer and fasting.Some politicians have, however, said they will not be part of the collective national prayers.


  1. poor government the kwacha in one day depriciats with 17% and when it appriciate with 2% you start celebrating poor pf

  2. but the crazy prices we have now of goods n services Will remain the same obviously