ARVs cause Kitwe man to seek divorce


FEELING betrayed by his wife of 10 years after discovering that she has been secretly taking Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), a Kitweman begged the Buchi Local Court to dissolve his marriage.
Samson Chiwala told senior magistrate Elizabeth Banda that his wife Mildred Mampulumba has not disclosed her HIV positive status to him and that she’s been taking ARVs for three years.
Chiwala was testifying in a case in which he sued his wife Mampulumba for divorce. The court heard that the couple got married in 2005 but have no children. No bride price was paid.
Chiwala narrated that he discovered that his wife was taking the life prolonging drugs when he fell sick.
“She disclosed her HIV positive status to me when I was terminally ill. She told me that she had not disclosed it earlier because she was afraid I might divorce her,” he said.

Chiwala begged the court to dissolve their marriage because he cannot continue living under the same roof with a woman he cannot trust.
He complained that he was also tired of living with a woman who was in a habit of packing her belongings each time they have a quarrel.
In her statement Mampulumba, who consented to divorce, told the court she disclosed her HIV positive status to her husband and advised him to go for an HIV test as well but he refused.
She said Chiwala said that her husband does not support her and the family.
“You should grant us divorce because Chiwala does not support me in any way. He even fails to pay our house rentals. I am no longer interested in him and the marriage,” She said.
Passing judgment, the court dismissed the case because no bride price was paid to formalise the marriage. The court, however, ordered Mampulumba to pay Chiwala K3,000 as compensation in monthly instalments of K150 for damages and inconveniences.

Daily Mail