MMD Die Hard youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo
Bowman Lusambo

As MMD youths, we find the statement from UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema that he will not attend the October 18 National Day of Prayer and Fasting highly regrettable and unfortunate.
Instead of commending the convenors of this important event, Mr Hichilema was on a radio programme denouncing the move and describing the event as a mockery to God.
We believe that President Edgar Lungu’s proclamation that the entire nation dedicates this day to prayer and fasting is consistent with the teachings of the Holy Bible.
It therefore baffles us that a leader was has attempted to rule this country a record number of times could place conditions before he could participate in this key national undertaking.
We wish to remind Mr Hichilema that all leadership is anointed by God and that God speaks through his appointed leaders. We believe that President Lungu is simply a vessel that God wants to use to reposition Zambia for greatness.
The history of Zambia is full of moments in which the entire nation came together under a single umbrella and cried out to God for help and the Almighty God has always seen us through.


From the 1990 political crisis that saw a return to multipartism, the Gabon air disaster to the third term debate, Zambia as always sought the face of God under trying times to restore hope.
It is clear that the nation is today facing numerous social and economic challenges and it is imperative that a day dedicated to prayer and fasting is observed.
By refusing to participate in the National Day of Prayer and Fasting, Mr Hichilema has yet again reignited has old debate about his standing with the Lord.
We know that the Bible commands us not to judge but we surely cannot allow a man who desperately wants to rule this country to approach national issues with too many questions about his religious beliefs and principles.
We therefore call upon all the Church mother bodies to challenge Mr Hichilema to explain the true reasons why he is shunning this important event. The Church mother should also take time to counsel and preach to Mr Hichilema about why a storing relationship with God is important as a leader.
As MMD youths we shall not allow leaders such as Mr Hichilema to get closer to the echelons of power without straightening their relationship with God.
We support Dr Nevers Mumba as leader of the MMD because we fully understand how much Dr Mumba loves God.
Even our past Presidents from Dr Chiluba, Dr Mwanawasa to Mr Banda, they all attended national prayer events.
Our call therefore goes to all political leaders that aspire to lead Zambia especially Mr Hichilema to come clean on matters of the Lord.
We can only conclude that Mr Hichilema still has a lot of question marks about his relationship with God which makes him unsuitable to lead the Zambian people. We can also conclude that maybe the UPND leader fears to be in the house of prayer because he does not want to be delivered.


  1. Mary who is Satana? Is he going to manifest into a human being to contest? Educate us more.

  2. When did some pipo become experts on religion.you cant force a person to worship with you.we have different faiths,different ways of worshiping.there are countries where Leaders are not christians others dont even believe in any god at all but their e econimies are thriving.HH and nawakwi have been advising the government on a lot of issues but pipo are too proud to listen.

  3. Define satanist and differeciate jameson drunkard.The wide ( ) z the road that leads to Hell.Worshipping with sangomas z satanism.Lungu needs derivance like n other sinners Zambians on 18th.If he will speak ill of other parties after 18th then its 666.Chiluba declaring Zambia a christian nation everyone ware blind and he started stealing public funds later died.His life was of judgement after judgement.Presidents can fool us but God does it in his own way.lesa tewa kusamwinako bana.Mugabe escapped judgement at 90yrs but needs to cover his friend hence life president……Mandela the only African president who had brains.KK the father of the nation has neva explained what happened with Balotseland agreement.His speech ova the matter would unity Zambia as one.ma nalema talk tym yaTa.

  4. Derek mulilima u said HH is an SDA church elder & the church is very strictly on choosing leaders bt hw come HH is a poligamist? wat religion do they use on choosing HH as an elder is it christianit or islamic or hinduhism?

  5. Who is better, no foolish emotions please, a well known drunkard who is hard Working and a well known devil worshipper who brags and have nothing to write home about, apart from his crookedness, hate and sadistic behaviour?

  6. My Dear we are oblidged to pray for our nation, our leaders everyday. I hope this prayer and fast’s motive is not political but to seek the face of God enestly or else we my be fooling God and the repacations will be too bad. I think it is not mandatory those who choose to can go while others can have their prayer and fasting from home. So please use your tongue to preach peace.

  7. HH is an elder in SDA,how I wish lusambo knew how strict SDA is on choosing people in its leadership.

  8. EL is a devil him self 6+6+6=18 yaaaaaaaa masonic pipo HH is a committed guy with church I have seen him attending several church services despite which church it is. buuuuuuuuuuu Lusakavoice u r Proven Failures voice f**?

  9. Useless lusambo! No matter hw much u pray n fast yo MMD will never come back into power!!! Jst leave our president alone Chikandile iwe!

  10. in fact the Jesus I know will not compel anyone to do anything He let’s us use our free will. therefore u should not subject anyone to yo compulsions of fasting, is Edgar lungu a prophet? did God speak to him so he can proclaim a fast? why should we listen to him? we voted for to b president not a priest.

  11. so you are the guy God employed and has a spiritual relationship detector to know that HH has a questionable stance with God!!!!!!

  12. Do not take God for granted he is God of love and peace, hw do you call for prayers when you are not at peace with everyone.

  13. And you know the mind of God towards HH, i suppose? God loves the prodigal son, the shrewd manager, the tax collectors, the sinners… I mean Jesus came for the sinners!!! God still loved David after Uriah and his wife and still there’s no reference from these judges about David’s relationship with God. “Friend of God,” they say. Shame on you for speaking so abusively about your brothers who are at the very least trying to be right with God….

  14. I think Lusambo is the most useless politician if inst call him that way. Secondly am not sure even wether he is a politician or just a cadre! Why in the first place would he judge HH alone when many Zambians have questioned the so called prayer. Bishop Mambo has questioned, President Edith Nawakwi has questioned, General Miyanda has questioned and the list goes on. Why the hell will this so called Lusambo, who probably is a grade seven drop out question a learned person like HH for commenting or questioning the said prayer request by The Republican President? Lusambo’s behavior just shows how dull and shallow minded he is. It just shows he is paid for demonizing someone that’s why he seem to pay a deaf ear to others and only want to comment on anything that HH says. In short him and his pay masters are just worried of HH’s popularity hence all sorts of desperations to bring him down which unfortunately will not work.

  15. President E.Lungu is a drunkard and cant call for prayers,some say,and HH’s standing with God questionable-who the hell r u to judge these two leaders?

  16. eeeish this HH guy is givin people sleepless nights. lusakavoice, mwebantu, tumfweko, lusakatimes, times of zambia, the daily nation and zambia daily mail are all in the queu to crucify one man.

  17. HH is always worshiping when you are busy drinking and womanizing…Simply because some one asked you to pray then you want to demonize him. Ask your president and let HH alone and his family worship God in truth and in spirit.

  18. You are not educated and not even learned,where are you basing your argument ba lusambo,what do you know?na bible yoonse simuinvesesa,don’t judge.