FDD wrangles over 2016 presidential candidature

Edith Nawakwi launches FDD 2015 Presidential campaign
Edith Nawakwi launches FDD 2015 Presidential campaign

FORUM for Democracy and Development (FDD) Copperbelt coordinator Shingebuka Shamenda is displeased that party president Edith Nawakwi could contest the 2016 presidential election without formal endorsement by party members.
In a statement, Mr Shamenda claims that Ms Nawakwi has dissolved party structures country-wide and that this would pave way for her to contest the election without the party members’ approval.
He said party spokesperson Antonio Mwanza should not have allowed Ms Nawakwi to allegedly start printing her campaign materials.
Mr Shamenda said that this is “not only unconstitutional, but also undemocratic bearing in mind that her tenure of office expired in May, 2015”.

He said Copperbelt chairperson Yotam Mtayachalo should stop performing party functions because all party structures have been dissolved.
“As far as I am concerned, I am still the Copperbelt coordinator because no one has communicated to me anything regarding my position,” Mr Shamenda said.
He said as an alert FDD member, he is wondering how the party rules have changed to allow Ms Nawakwi to contest presidential elections for the third time.
Mr Shamenda claims that in accordance with Article 42 (1) of the FDD constitution, Ms Nawakwi’s term of office has expired.
But Mr Mwanza has said Mr Shamenda has no right to comment on party matters as he has no executive position in the FDD.
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