Residents threaten to kill suspected criminals who murdered a guard

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

QUICK action by police on Wednesday saved five suspected criminals from an instant justice mob in Ndola’s Twapia township after word went round that they had murdered a 62-year-old security guard at Mabungo Primary School.
On Tuesday, Fidelis Kafwimbi was beaten to death at Mabungo Primary School and police later apprehended five suspects in connection with the murder.
Irate residents besieged Twapia Police Post and demanded for the release of the suspects so that they could avenge Mr Kafwimbi’s murder.


As the crowd swelled in number outside Twapia Police Post and started hurling objects, police prevented a full-scale riot by firing tear gas.
Copperbelt commissioner of police Byemba Musole said in an interview yesterday that no arrests were made in the fracas.
“The residents were angered by the murder of the guard, so when they heard that the suspects had been apprehended, they mobilised themselves and went to the police post demanding for the release of the said suspects saying they wanted to kill them in turn,” Mr Musole said.
Mr Kafwimbi was buried yesterday.