Livingstone man kills friend with poisoned chibwantu drink

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

LIVINGSTONE High Court judge Milimo Salasini has found a 65-year-old watchman who allegedly killed his friend with a poisoned chibwantu drink, with a case to answer.
In this case, Siandele Simunyati, of UK market area in Mapatizya, Kalomo, is charged with murder.
It is alleged that on dates unknown, between July 13 and 15, 2013, Simunyati murdered Kingford Chiyasa.
The court heard that the deceased’s older brother, Moscow Chiyasa, reported to the police that his brother died mysteriously after allegedly being poisoned by Simunyati.


And Veronica Chiyasa, the deceased’s widow, told the court that on the day in question, her husband was vomiting when he went home and also complained of stomach pains.
Mrs Chiyasa said her husband told her that he had taken some at Simunyati’s house.
Particulars indicate that police interviewed the accused over the matter and he confessed having laced chibwantu with a certain powder before he served the drink to his guest.
The accused led the police officer to his house where he produced some blackish powder which he had allegedly put in the deceased’s drink.
Simunyati was arrested after police considered results from specimen that was collected from the deceased at Mapatizya rural health centre.