Father kills daughter because bread was not round enough



Pakistani police formally arrested a man yesterday on suspicion of killing his daughter because she made bread for him that was not perfectly round in the eastern city of Lahore. Aniqa Khalid, aged 12, was killed on September 11 and her body dumped in an open area.
Two days later the father Muhammad Khalid lodged a report with police that his daughter was missing. Police officer Muhammad Javed said police later found the girl’s body with evidence of violence on it.

“A probe was launched culminating in the arrest of the father who confessed to the crime,” Javed said. He said a 16-year-old brother of the girl has also been arrested for helping his father in the crime.

The father told police during investigation that he was enraged as the bread was not only irregular in shape, but also burnt. Violence against women is rampant in Pakistan and they suffer due to issues ranging from not cooking good food to failure to bring a large enough dowry. — DPA.