Kaizer story is hot – IG

Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit ThePost
Kaizer Zulu - Photo Credit ThePost

THIS Kaizer Zulu story is hot, says Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani.

Libongani said this after journalists kept asking her questions concerning Zulu, during the launch of the Police Code of Ethics at the Government Complex in Lusaka yesterday.

On Friday, police arrested Zulu, who is President Edgar Lungu’s political advisor, and charged him with threatening violence after he fired two gunshots in the car park at Chrismar Hotel following a bar quarrel with Enock Kavindele Jr.

He was, however, released on police bond on Saturday, amidst reports that Kavindele had withdrawn the case against the State House official.


The journalists wanted to know if, in an event that the victim had withdrawn the case, police would still pursue the matter as the state.

“This Kaizer Zulu story is hot,” Libongani responded to a question from a journalist.

“I am aware that Kaizer Zulu was arrested and placed on police bond. If at all the complainant wishes to withdraw the matter, then the matter can be withdrawn. As you are aware, cases which are reported by a complainant can be withdrawn if they want. There is no rule against their withdrawal.”

She said the state was not the complainant in the shooting case involving Zulu, but Kavindele Jr and as such, he had the right to withdraw the matter.

“There are certain matters which can be withdrawn and others which cannot be, but the particular ones we have in this case are withdrawable matters,” said Libongani.

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