PF in desperate mode – Saunders

Dante Saunders

Political Activist Dante Saunders has charged that the ruling Patriotic Front is desperate and is panicking to stay in office beyond 2016 after realizing that their performance has been below par.
Mr. Saunders notes that the manner the PF conducted its campaigns of allegedly dishing out money in the just ended parliamentary by-elections goes to show the extent of their desperation.

Mr. Saunders says the ruling party is aware that they have messed up within their first term of office and are aware that it will be tricky for them to remain in office because of their poor performance.
He says it is clear that a lot of people have lost confidence in the PF administration and may seek the governance services of any opposition political party come next year.
And Mr. Saunders has observed that even if the PF Government manages to deal with the current challenges the people are facing, it will be too late to win back the people’s confidence.



  1. Sauders Wat Ever Your Name Is, We Don’t Need Pipo Who Jst Criticise Of Everything. Jealousy Is Not The Solution, We Voted 4 Pf Bt Not Satanisim.