Chilufya Tayali - Executive Director at The Zambian Voice (ZV)
Chilufya Tayali - Executive Director at The Zambian Voice (ZV)

You rarely see Kaizer Zulu in pictures with the His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu unless it requires running after him or for him. I can’t think of anyone at the moment who can do what KZ (as he is usually called) does.

Don’t ask me if all that he does fits the job description of Political Adviser to the President, suffice to say, he is very useful.

Does that give him the right to go about insulting, intimidating and shooting carelessly, hell NO! On the contrary he is supposed to be exemplary because what he does, has an impact on the the institution of the President and his personal judgment.

So what happened? Well, I am not really sure because I was not there and I have been getting different versions from all angles and I have failed to put 1 and 1 together to find the correct answer, I will also wait for madam Katanga to update us.

But what I got is that, an altercation ensued between Enock Kavindele’s (jr) group and Kaizer’s group as they were enjoying themselves around 03:00hrs at Krisma Hotel.

It appears this Kavindele boy feels like a star who can grab a girl from any man even from one of the dependable men of the President. I guess he would not fear to grab one from the President himself if they met in a club.

Kaizer is typical of an Easterner with power, you can’t mess around with him and get away with it, he will want to show you what he is made of. Besides, in a place like Krisma, Kaizer is never alone, like a lone hunter Chilufya Tayali, he is surrounded by Bemba boys who want to eat with him.

So that night, Kaizer charged and the bemba boys fueled the all thing which led to serious exchange of punches outside while Kaizer tried to snick out in his car. As he was about to drive off, he saw that the tuma Bemba boys just talk but no power to fight. They were being hammered by the huge Kavindele boys.

Upon realising that one of the tuma Bemba boys was streaming with blood, Kaizer panicked and reached for his gun then shoot twice in the air to scare these big Kavinde guys litching my brothers (I should have been there mwee).

This is how my brothers survived and one of them was taken to the hospital where he was worked on nicely. The Kavindele boys took advantage and went to the police to fix Kaizer.

Now, is this a case we should cook Kaizer for? I don’t think so. He acted emotionally and he was wrong but not to an extent of making him look like a criminal.

I certainly would have been calling for a long term jail sentence for him if it was the case of corruption like the one Mukoshya Funga brought out and turned into a suspected criminal herself together with Fred M’membe, when they should have been praised for the good job.

Kudos goes to the President for allowing the Police to sort him out with a night in the chucks. I am sure it has taught KZ something. It must also be an example to others as well, that the soldier man (ECL) still remembers military discipline of nyowesha and guardroom, this is what has happened to Kaizer.

Do I see this case going anywhere, I certainly doubt unless Kaizer touched something else which the President is not happy about otherwise he would not punish his faithful servant so harshly just because he stood to fight for a bemba lolly-pop and saved the bemba boys from being beaten senselessly.

When I met Kaizer, one person I realized he was so scared of was his wife and he did not deny shooting twice in the air but denied that the bemba queens in their midst were not for his consumption as this boy (Joseph Mwenda) at the Post tried to insinuate.

The boy (Joseph) seem to have an eye on Kaizer’s madam so don’t take him seriously, after all Richard Sakala has already told us that he does not get paid, so what can he give that beautiful woman compared to what Kaizer lavishes her with.

Joseph should concentrate on fighting for his salary. The minister of salaries and conditions invited the Post staff at his office so that he can collect money for them from Fred M’membe because the minister himself and the government pay their workers on time without delay. This is why we have no strikes in the Country.

Otherwise there is no khani here on Kaizer, Bowman should stop talking about Cartels which do not exist, rather let him campaign to dislodge Nevers Mumba and win 2016 general election then I can be his political adviser.

The other guns found at Kaizer’s house are all registered, though I wonder why he has more than one, but that is not a crime. Maybe he wants to fight like Jack Noris in the Luangwa Natioanl Park with Monkeys. Otherwise the search by the police is nothing to write home about.

The Kavindele boy is just like that, even the father knows, otherwise how do you become a character witness to your 40 years old son found at Krisma at 03hrs.


  1. so you are only Vuvuzela for political issues??#what of us who don’t enjoy such……talk abt the Lunar eclipse and other things at least which will benefit everybody, that’s if you are zambian voice as u claim