PF should apologise to Zambians – Nevers

MUMBA, Nevers S
MUMBA, Nevers S

MMD President Nevers Mumba says the ruling Patriotic Front should apologise to the Zambian people for failing to deliver on the promises contained in its 2011-2016 party manifesto.
Dr. Mumba says the PF should also say sorry for the load shedding and depreciation of the kwacha among other things.


He says the ruling party promised to deliver development to the people of Zambia within 90 days of being elected into office, a promise they failed to fulfill.
Dr Mumba has since appealed to Zambians to give him an opportunity in 2016 by voting for him, saying he understands what they are going through.
He says once elected, he would ensure that farmers have adequate fertilizer in order to boost agriculture which is the main activity for the people of Zambia.



  1. Ba nevers , u surely of all pipo wat can u change wen pipo ar deserting u very soon u ll’ be lyk general miyanda as a loner.go back to the pupit BIKO

  2. That is like asking a stone to give you milk ! Chishimba Kalukasu Kambwili to apologize ? Maybe over he’s bulk body !!