Police increase fees, fines

Zambia Police
Zambia Police

THE Zambia Police Service has increased fees and fines for traffic offences and services.
Police spokesperson Charity Munganga-Chanda said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that the upward adjustment of fees and fines is in accordance with the law.
Mrs Chanda said those found driving unlicensed motor vehicles will be required to pay K450 while those with expired test certificates will be slapped with a K225 fine.
He said motorists with defective tyres will be made to pay K300 while use of a handheld mobile phone will attract a fine of K450.
“The Zambia Police Service wishes to inform members of the pubic that there has been an upward adjustment in the fees and fines in accordance with the provisions of Statutory Instrument (SI) number 41 of July 2015 of the Fees and Fines Act,” Mrs Chanda said.
She said according to SI 41, the value of the penalty units was increased from 20 ngwee to 30 ngwee per penalty unit.


Mrs Chanda said that the adjustments do not only cover traffic fines but all the services that need members of the general public to pay for in Government departments, which include the Zambia Police Service.
She said other services whose fees have been increased include police and Interpol clearance certificates.
She said that the police are in order to increase the fees and fines as they are in accordance with the provisions of the law.



  1. It is onlybin Zambia where the police is allowed to rob its own people. What a shame!