UPND angry with HH attacks


THE Patriotic Front (PF) should concentrate on addressing the current economic ills the country is suffering from instead of spending time on personal attacks against United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema who has nothing to do with the country’s economic crisis, Edward Mumbi has charged.
Mr Mumbi, who is UPND presidential spokesperson, said Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba was out of order to start attacking the opposition political party in his constituency because the economic crisis the country was experiencing was not created by Mr Hichilema.
Mr Mumbi stated that to take personal attacks on the UPND and its leadership when Zambians were suffering from the economic ills under the guidance of the ruling party was most unfortunate because it was the expectation of citizens that their Government was going to find solutions to their economic challenges.
Reacting to Mr Kalaba who said the UPND had nothing to offer and that Zambians should not waste their votes on it, Mr Mumbi said the PF should understand that Zambians were tired of theiorn lies and unfulfilled promises.
He told the Daily Nation that insulting Mr Hichilema was not going to help the PF find solutions to the current economic problems but would instead make the ruling party delay in resolving the problems the country was facing.


Mr Mumbi said it was disappointing that the PF had allegedly concentrated on demonising and maligning Mr Hichilema in their political discourse instead of spending time on how best to consult so that Zambians could benefit from their leadership.
“The statement by Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba that the opposition political parties and the UPND in particular cannot be entrusted with power to govern the country is most unfortunate and explains failure on the part of the PF. Mr Kalaba went to his constituency in Bahati and started attacking the UPND and Mr Hichilema who have nothing to do with the current economic challenges facing Zambians. What Mr Kalaba should have done was to give the people of Bahati and Luapula in general hope that things would be better and not to malign Mr Hichilema. Mr Kalaba should have been addressing the power shortages in the country which has resulted into load shedding and most of the people in his constituency have lost opportunities to make their livelihoods improve,” Mr Mumbi said. Mr Mumbi advised that the PF should not apportion the blame of its failed policies on innocent citizens but that the ruling party should seek guidance and forgiveness from Zambians for what he termed the economic mess the country had found itself in.
Mr Mumbi said the UPND believed in issue-based and civil politics and that it was restraining itself from engaging in trivial debates because it was more concerned with the state of the country’s economy. He assured that the UPND would endeavour to continue practising politics that would be of benefit to the majority of Zambians and that its criticism of the PF Government would strictly be civil and based on advice and not ridicule or insults.


  1. If UPND keep quiet, PF will be stuck because they will have nothing to talk about. Kaili they are ndwi when it comes to issues of the economy and thrive on petty issues like answering back statements by the opposition.