‘She’s not carrying my child’

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

A TWENTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD Chawama Township man accused of impregnating his girlfriend, told the Kanyama local court that he believes it is another man who is responsible for the pregnancy.
This is a case in which Patrick Lungu, 24, has been sued by Charles Chisala, 54, of Kuku Township for impregnating his 21-year-old daughter Mary.
Lungu said it was sad that he was accused of impregnating Mary when there was another man named Alfred whom he shared the 21-year-old with.
Lungu also wondered why Mary’s parents insisted that he was the one responsible for their daughter’s pregnancy, letting Alfred to go scot-free and yet he had been in a relationship with her too.
He was shocked to be dragged to court even before a DNA test he had been requesting for had been done.

“On March 13, I told Mary that I wanted to marry her, I even gave her two weeks to leave the other boyfriend.
“After being in a relationship with her, I found her with a man by the name of Alfred and I just left him with her,” Lungu said.
Lungu narrated further that Mary was later dumped at his parents’ home where his mother found her after returning from seeing a pastor.
Mr Chisala told the court that his daughter was carrying Lungu’s five-month pregnancy but he had refused to take responsibility.
Mary confirmed having sex with Lungu on several occasions at his home and that she left Alfred a long time ago before she fell pregnant for Lungu.
“He even introduced me to his mum, I also slept at his home three times and I last had sex with Lungu in July.

Alfred is a married man who has been coming to visit my cousin and not me,” Mary said.
She insisted that the only man she had sex with apart from the first boyfriend was Patrick and not Alfred, and that she was a learned person who had reached Grade Seven to know that it was Lungu responsible for the pregnancy especially that he had also given her K50 for a pregnancy test.
Magistrates Ackim Phiri and Daniel Phiri adjourned the case to a later date.
“Come back next week with Alfred so that we can conclude the case and be careful with men,” Mr Phiri said.

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