Lungu missed key points in his address to parley – UPND

UPND Mazabuka rally addressed by veep Kapita, hon Nkombo and others
UPND Mazabuka rally addressed by veep Kapita, hon Nkombo and others

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) says it is unfortunate that President Lungu’s speech in parliament yesterday did not in any way address the immediate solutions to the challenges Zambians are facing.

The opposition political party believes that the issues such as the inflation rate, the load shedding and the resulting job losses should have been clearly articulated.

UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma in a statement to QFM News says the speech was another missed opportunity that fails to tackle the current problems the country is facing head on.

Mr. Kakoma says after 8 months of President Edgar Lungu in office it was a relief to finally hear the President talk about the challenges the country is facing and to some extent what he intends to do about them.

Mr. Kakoma has encouraged President Lungu to continue to address the public on such matters regularly as they have advised in the past.

He says while the theme of the speech “embracing a transformational culture for a smart Zambia now” gave them some encouragement initially, the content seems to be at variance with this theme, as does the PF’s track record.

He says as such they are left with as many questions as answers citing that they also remain deeply concerned that the PF Government still doesn’t fully understand the complexities of the current economic situation and how to resolve them.

Mr. Kakoma points out that in his first point, the President uses the phrase “Embracing innovation and entrepreneurship”, but then there is nothing in the speech that speaks to this particular idea pointing out that they would have wanted to hear examples from the President, for example on how Science and Technology can be harnessed to facilitate innovation and how government will support local innovation hubs and industry partnerships.

He says on “promoting cost effective operations in government to eliminate waste and abuse of public resources” President Lungu appears to have immediately revealed his lack of commitment to this particular issue as he went ahead and announced the creation of yet more Ministries adding that the President will preside over 80 ministers in his Government thus there is nothing cost effective about it.

Mr. Kakoma says in the UPND they have been talking about Promoting punctuality and efficiency to enhance productivity” all along but that the PF cannot and has not been heeding their advice stating that with a bloated cabinet, it remains unclear how they intend to achieve this.

He says the President talked about “Promoting long-term planning” which is what all Governments must do, and as such they are surprised that the PF does not even make reference to the vision 2030 in all its planning.

Mr. Kakoma says on the issue of the President’s house, they are on record having said that this clause is wasteful, and are glad that the President now agrees with us stressing that as with the promised constitution they will believe it when they see it however.

He says some of the issues the President touched on are very dear to them and they will await their implementation.

He further states that the President’s speech does not in any way address the immediate issues that the country is facing stating that the speech was another missed opportunity that fails to tackle the current problems the country is facing head on.

Meanwhile, PF Media Committee Vice Chairman Sunday Chanda says President Edgar Lungu spoke the Vision Zambians needed to hear and they have bought into it.

Mr. Chanda in a statement to QFM News says this is because his first address to the nation, through Parliament, has reaffirmed the transformational leader that he is and his decisions of today will go a long way in shaping the lives of Zambians for good.

He says the vision to the nation is clear and plain for all to read and understand saying that the vision, however, requires particular frameworks and this includes re-aligning Government ministries and position them for results.

Mr. Chanda notes that the Head of State’s national address burst the opposition’s bubble because Citizens can now see the lies and distortions which have been peddled by them.



  1. ulichilema zoona!!!! Useless Party for National Disaster msd da speech, thy went mukukama umukaka ku Ngombe.

  2. so what? can you please tell us what the key points are so that we know and do the right thing? mabwana! or else dont waste our time.

  3. It is unfortunate that united party for national development ( upnd ) missed key and important points in President Lungu’s speech in parliament yesterday….period..

  4. Let the UPND go and pee in the Kariba dam and fill it to the brim so we can generate more power.