How can I support another man’s child?, man asks court

Lusaka High Court

A KITWE man who has been sued for child support shocked the Garneton Local Court when he said he could not support the child who is not his.
Senior magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu ordered for a DNA test to be conducted and reserved the ruling on the matter until the court proves that the child was his or not.
He, however, ordered Kelvin Nkhoma to be supporting the child by paying K200 each month until DNA test results are known.
This is in a case in which Wesley Mumba sued Nkhoma for child support.
“You will be paying K200 each month without defaulting until DNA test is done. I will be able to rule over the matter when results are released and if it turns out that the child is not yours, she will have to give you back money,” Magistrate Ndhlovu said.

Giving her testimony before the court, Mumba narrated that the two started darting in 2009 and that she fell pregnant for him.
“After giving birth, Nkhoma named the child but to my surprise, he stopped sponsoring the baby,” she narrated.
But Nkhoma admitted having been in courtship with Mumba, but could not admit being responsible for her pregnancy.
He told the court that Mumba, who is now married, told him that he could only meet her at her grandmother’s and that she could not allow him to visit her at her parents’ home.
“I never knew that she was married until one day when I decided to visit her at her grandmother’s place when she came to visit. The child is not mine because Mumba has a husband and I am sure he is the father of the child because no woman can get pregnant outside marriage,” he said.
Magistrate Ndhlovu adjourned the matter so that a DNA test can be done.
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