UPND Statement on NRC Process


We have stated before the need to plan ahead in everything we do as country.
We are now faced with a serious situation where a majority of our people, especially youths, are struggling to get their National Registration Cards (NRCs).
We knew as a country from the time of the last mobile registration exercise before the 2011 elections that we would have another such exercise this time around and so we needed to have adequately prepared for it ahead of the 2016 elections.
But as we have stated before, this document is not only a legal requirement in order for a citizen to be able to vote. This is a document our citizens need as a legal requirement in this land; a document our citizens need for use in various other opportunities such as schools, colleges, universities, job applications, loan applications, obtaining passports and many other survival requirements.
The chaos and queues we are now seeing and hearing where people are made beg to get the document is another clear case of lacking in planning and proper management.



There is chaos in many parts of the country regarding the provision of this document. In some places one gets the sense it is actually purely a deliberate and systematic attempt by the PF regime to just sabotage the process with a view to disenfranchise citizens from participating in the voting process.
We shall always have problems in developing our country because, as we always say, the preoccupation of our leaders is always in trying to fix and preserve our political standing rather than fixing our economic situation which benefits majority Zambians.
Whether or not our citizens in a particular ward, constituency, or region will vote for PF, MMD, FDD or any other party should not be the consideration now.
How can we claim to be smart now when we are punishing citizens to queue up for this vital document at the same time they are queuing up to register as voters?
What time do our people have beyond work which they need to survive as our cost of living rises further and further?
This is really shameful to say the least and one wonders how those in leadership can any longer be entrusted to plan for bigger challenges such as current economic downturn.
Hakainde Hichilema