To hell with fake researchers asserting that PF will win 2016 elections- UPND

Edwin Lifwekelo
Edwin Lifwekelo

The PF Government are certainly headed for disaster in the 2016 presidential, Parliamentary and local government elections.
Fake researches, opinions, propaganda or assertions by surrogate organizations or individuals that lack principles and are positioning themselves to eat with the PF in the 2016 presidential elections will not help the PF win the 2016 elections. The damage the PF government has done in the last 4 years is too deep to correct.
To procrastinate that PF will win the 2016 presidential elections is to undermine and be little the intelligence of the Zambian people.
Assertions that favor PF winning the 2016 presidential elections are based on political rhetoric and assumptions and should be dismissed with the contempt is deserves. Even if the prevailing economic circumstances were to be reversed by the PF government in the shortest term possible Zambians cannot guarantee PF victory in 2016 because of their pathetic style of governance.
Even if their rigging machinery was to be effected this time around the sheer number of those that want them out of government will over whelm them.
It will not be the so called unprecedented development that will bring back PF into power in 2016, they have already shown that they lack a visionary leadership that can take Zambia forward.




It’s not enough to say that the economic challenges Zambia is facing is global, that is poor thinking. This government must take responsibility and own up that we are in this situation because we don’t have prudent economic leaders and policies that can take out of these economic challenges we are currently facing. We wish to urge young people mostly affected by this visionless leadership to register as voters and remove this government from power. Voting for PF in the next 5 years will be voluntary suicide.
We agree with the law association of Zambia that our former president Rupiah Banda risks losing his hard earned benefits if he continues to participate in active politics. The law is very clear on the benefits of former head of state.
We are restraining ourselves from taking action for now hoping that the former head of state can see sense in our reasoning but if pushed against the wall, we reserve the right to defend ourselves.
Edwin Lifwekelo
UPND Spokesperson