Please forgive me President Lungu, I am sorry -Katele Kalumba

Former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba
Former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba

Former Chiengi MMD Member of Parliament Katele Kalumba has apologized to President EDGAR LUNGU and the PF for campaigning against the party in the January presidential election.

Dr Kalumba, who knelt down before Vice President Inonge Wina in Luwingu, asked for forgiveness saying he has regretted his action.

He told a gathering at Kaseya Primary School in Mushitu Wa Mboo in Luwingu that he was wrong to campaign for the UPND.


Mr. Kalumba, who was part of the UPND campaign strategy team, charged that he does not support regional politics and appealed to others to join the ruling PF.

Mr. Kalumba, who is MMD former Secretary General, observed that his party is no more and appealed to the member to join the ruling PF in order to foster development.



  1. insoni ebuntu, uwawa nao tabamuma bamusekafye. Mwa bweleni ba Katele but do not come with your Laptop kikikikikikikiki hahahahahah

  2. Thats what WISE MEN do…it does cost a thing n you don’t lose anything but VALUE PEACE